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Live Love Breathe The O.C

My name is Julie. My absolute favorite show is the O.C with Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie, Rachel Bilson, and Mischa Barton. I watch it all the time with one of my bestfriends Margaret. I got her addicted to it. But it’s something we both love doing together. Last week we just finished the last episode of the Fourth season. What an ending?

"Hey kid, need some help?" were the last word of Ryan Atwood. And they broke my heart ( in the good way)

I’ve watched all the seasons, the first one probably about 500 times. I wish it didn’t end. Good thing I have the seasons to rewatch. Over and over again.

Seth: So. Where are we going?

Ryan: Mexico.

Seth: Perfect, I need chicklets.

I thought this was hilarious from the fourth seaon when Ryan tries to find Volchok for killing Marissa. Seth tags along.